Our Sinerji brand, which entered the sector in 2021, sets off with a strong staff based on 40 years of experience.

Our team, which brings its experience ranging from professional kitchens to our homes under the name of Sinerji; It brings the passion of the sector’s valuable chefs, cooks, housewives and gastronomy experts to the sector with an experienced, young and dynamic brand.

Our special production knives, which reflect the most functional state of steel and give priority to quality, are the strong assistant of our kitchen heroes, and reach you by passing through production and control stages in European standards.

We know well that the quality indicator of a knife is not only sharpness, but also the quality of the material with the design suitable for safe holding and balanced use. For this reason, we carry out all controls meticulously from the design stage to the last moment when the product is out of production, and we carry out a production process in full compliance with international quality standards.

We attach importance to the demands of our customers and carefully consider every feedback from them. We are here to add value to the flavors that come out of the kitchens that we host with our products and to create synergy together.